Magento 2 Remove Billing Agreements

How do I remove unnecessary links from the customer dashboard? (z.B. Newsletter, billing agreements and downloadable products) Magento displays by default a huge list of customer account links on the customer account page. If your company is different from that of other companies and does not support newsletter subscriptions, this is not necessary in the list of links displayed on the customer account. And it is often necessary to adapt all the links by default, because there is no specific requirement for all the links displayed on the customer account page. There is a type of requirement to remove certain links that are not necessary for customers. We`ve been in the same trouble, but we`ve found an extension that has helped us remove customer links, but it`s not complicated at all. Just select the links you want to remove. We have created a simple extension that allows you to manage customer account links from the administrator (delete/rename/reorganize). Step 3: Now just delete the cache and verify that the links on the My Account page are removed. The link we removed with the tag remove=”true” will no longer be displayed on your “My Account” page. With the standard behavior, Magento offers and displays a long list of links on the customer account side. Sometimes we need to adjust this link inclusion by default, because not all links are necessary.

It is often necessary to remove a few links, z.B. My product reviews or billing agreements. I help you remove unnecessary customer account links in Magento 2 to manage the “My Account” section.