Yorkshire Dales National Park Section 106 Local Occupancy Agreement

If you are to sign an agreement under Section 106, you must be fully aware of the future impact of concluding this agreement. We advise you to consult your lawyer in your particular case. You can download below a blank standard agreement to see the exact commitments you might have to make. The following examples serve only as a guide. Six municipalities and eight housing companies have developed a single system for renting consulting and housing companies in Cumbria. More information about Cumbria Choice. In some cases, the creation of a new dwelling may be eligible for a building permit if it is intended to support the long-term viability of a farm by creating rental housing for people who meet the criteria of the national park authority or short-term holiday housing. Please complete our farm support statement. These legal agreements restrict affordable housing. They are drafted in accordance with the provisions of section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

1) Ex-communal property belonging to dwellings sold as part of the right to sell, is often a restriction of their employment to those who have already lived or worked in Cumbria in the last three years. In the case of a local occupation alliance under Section 106, for example, the restriction remains on the house when the property is sold, so that the new owner must have lived or worked for three years in the defined area. We don`t build houses. But as a planning organization in The Lake District National Park, we try to ensure that new buildings or transformations are needed by a type of people who live and work on site. 2) Newly constructed or redeveloped dwellings may attract a local occupancy clause during the planning process and, when the unit is built, a condition of the building permit is that the occupant must meet certain conditions. These clauses have been amended over the years and there are many variations, but they all say that this is the main residence of the resident/main residence and that they have lived in the particular area for a certain period of time (defined in the clause) or that they live and work permanently in the area.