Norway Eu Fishing Agreement

“This is the established model of cooperation between coastal states that have common stocks to ensure that fish stocks are harvested responsibly and sustainably. Annual agreements provide the flexibility to deal with changes in stocks and science, while the framework agreement ensures continuity and a framework for cooperation,” said Barrie Deas, NFFO`s Managing Director. “I am pleased that a framework fisheries agreement with Norway has been successfully concluded. This agreement demonstrates our commitment to act as a cooperative independent coastal state and to ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for the entire fishing industry in the UNITED Kingdom,” said Mr Eustice. “I pay tribute to our Norwegian counterparts for the constructive approach they have taken during these negotiations and look forward to working closely with them in the years to come.” But Norway, which is not a member of the EU, says it wants a three-way deal before it opens its waters – meaning the Brexit stalemate could wipe out the previous deal. “This is a long-term framework agreement on the allocation of quotas in the North Sea and the principle of reciprocal access to fishing in the exclusive economic zones of each party. after properly consulting with the other party`s vessels, in accordance with the objective of achieving a mutually satisfactory balance in their mutual fishing relationships and the conditions set out in the annex. The bilateral agreement is the most important agreement that the Community has reached with a third party, both in terms of the exchange of fishing opportunities and common management measures. BRITISH Environment Minister George Eustice commented on the agreement earlier this year: “The agreement demonstrates our commitment to act as an independent cooperative coastal state.” The UK and Norway have concluded a new fisheries agreement, the first since leaving the European Union. The Scandinavian country generally concludes an annual agreement with the EU on the management of common fish stocks, access to the waters of the other country and the exchange of fishing quotas. “If we do not reach an agreement by 1 January, we will not open Norway`s economic fishing areas to EU and UK vessels,” Fisheries Minister Emil Emil Ingebrigtsen told Parliament.