Confidentiality Agreement Insider Information

Insider rules stipulate that any person or company that has knowledge of confidential information about the material (defined below) through a public company is prohibited from buying or selling securities of the public company, an activity commonly known as “insider trading”. Insider rules also prohibit any person or company in a “special relationship” (defined below) with a public company from informing someone who is not in the necessary business of confidential information about the material, an activity commonly known as tipping. The Trade Representative, chief executive officer and Chairman of the Governance Committee will not authorize the purchase or sale by respected insiders (hereafter defined) if he considers it necessary to ensure that there is no exercise of a false insider trading. Information is “confidential” when it has not been made available to the public in a “general” manner. The information was generally disclosed when it was released on the market and public investors had time to analyze the information. Confidential information should not be discussed in a place or in a manner that could result in accidental disclosure. B, for example in public places or through electronic communications, including messages posted on social media sites or in discussion forums, focus groups, newsletters or blogs. This decision, if followed by other courts, could give the government more leeway to prosecute individuals who have agreed not to act with material and non-public information provided by corporate insiquities. The decision also makes such claims when the government is unable to indicate when the alleged agreement was reached as long as the agreement preceded actual trade.

(a) insiders within the meaning of securities legislation (see item 7.0); It is the responsibility of each insider to set up and maintain their SEDI profile and file the necessary applications. However, in order to ensure that the interests of the corporation in compliance with securities law are respected and that insider reports are submitted in a timely manner, any insider, considered an insider, will be required to immediately inform the sales representative or his designated persons after the trading of the company`s securities.